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Tindale Traffic Flow

People complain that they are often stuck coming down Greenfields Road to the lights because it only takes one car at the front of the queue to be turning right with oncoming traffic then for the full duration of the lights following traffic can't move. I believe that there is space, by using some of the footpath area to widen the road to give a right turning lane with space on the inner for traffic to flow. The only other sensible alternative is to make this a No Right Turn so that all traffic goes through and anyone going to the Retail Park must go on to next roundabout and turn right.

Town & Parish Councils

Wayne on Gripe sheets suggests that Town Councils are a waste of Taxpayers money, suggesting that the expenditure would be better directed at local NHS. To a dergree Wayne has a point in that it seems at times that the only powers the Town Councils have is over allotments which are often run by local allotment associations anyway. However, having served for many years on Bishop Auckland Town Council I have found myself being used as a vehicle by my local area to bring issues to the attention of higher authorities such as County Council or local MP, which is perhaps a more valuable function of a Town Council that does not need the expense of Meetings and Venues.

DCC Exec Pay

Robert on our Gripe page suggests that where savings have to be made then the place to start is on the Executive salaries, well I don't agree with this. Cuts should be made as a matter of course in the levels of Executive Salaries and the money generated passed to low paid staff like the teaching assistants who are currently being treated very badly by DCC.