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DCC By Elections

In some ways the 2nd May 2019 Durham County CouncilĀ  By Elections in Spennymoor and Shildon were a dissapointment as UKIP did not secure the seats but after the 2017 and 2018 results nationaly where UKIP were reduced to less than 5% of the vote, Bob Purvis secured 11% of the electorate and Alan Breeze 15.5%. It is important that Bishop Auckland Branch looks to continue this improvement and be ready for 2021 at which time ALL of the Durham County Council seats come up before the electorate and by then we hope to field a candidate in every single seat available.

There could be no better time for UKIP to be given the opportunity to work for local areas with the mainstream parties in dissarray at national level.

At national level ONLY UKIP have a clear policy of leaving the EU, Labour have finally come off the fence and are campaigning to remain joining the long time remain party Lib Dems while Theresa May's "deal" is just another form of remain designed by the EU with the objective of making sure that no country ever again considers leaving one nation state federral EU.

All parties have candidates able to work for local people but UKIP are not restrained by party policy in this mission unlike Labour, Lib Dems and Conservatives.

Please get in touch with everyone you know in Spennymoor and Shildon and encourage them to vote UKIP this Thursday and let us send a powerful message to our Tory remain Government