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Bishop Auckland Branch have been recognised for their growing importance within the UKIP organisation by the selection of Alan Breeze as an EU Candidate in the 2019 EU Elections on the 23rd May 2019.

Alan Has been a member of UKIP since May 2014 a relatively short time compared to some, but in that short time has seen the orgainising committee of the Bishop Auckland Branch devastated by the untimely death of Chairman Alistair Robertson, a true UKIP stalwart and long term member and also the Branch Treasurer Betty Hopson another longstanding member who previously stood as a Parliamentary candidate.

Despite these setbacks our branch has attracted some talented prople to the cause and have never been stronger than at present which is reflected by UKIP Head Office selecting Alan as an EU candidate.

Alan joins the team of three UKIP candidates for the North East, Richard Elvin, number 1 candidate and Chris Gallacher Number 2 candidate who will be considered when UKIP gain sufficient votes in the North East of England. It is sad that super ego Nigel Farage has decided to split the body of UK patriots looking to leave the EU predomionantly on WTO terms and it is extremely disappointing when UKIP supporters are tempted across to the Brexit Party as UKIP are the only true organisation that can describe itself as a party, with super ego Farage's lot being a collection of egos with no root and branch foundation. Here today gone tomorrow springs to mind.

 The UKIP EU national campaign began in our North East region over in Middlesbrough though if we had known their plan beforehand we coud have persuaded them to start off outside Bishop Auckland Town Hall. nevertheless it allowed National Media including BBC and SKY to be introduced to the three North East candidates. After a speech by Gerard Batten, the podium was used by the three candidates in turn to let people of the North East know why they should be voting for UKIP in the forthcoming EU Elections. With impending disastrous results for the two main parties there is a real danger that Labour and Conservative will rally around a deal that betrays 17.4 Million voters by agreeing a Customs Union that will preclude us from negotiating deals with the rest of the world. This is despite a recent BBC poll that showed that 75% of Conservative members were in favour of a WTO Brexit. We must get the message across the North East in the next three weeks that a vote for UKIP is a message to our Government that we wish to leave the EU on WTO terms.