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The Dawn Of Tyranny Or How The EU Was Born

           Sometime during 1942 senior members in the Nazi Party, who were realists, realized that Germany was not going to win the war. Thus they need a plan to manipulate the peace after hostilities had ceased. The new vision of Europe was going to be called ‘’Europaishe Wirtschaftsgemeimschaft.’’ Translated into English it means European Economic Community. It was going to have a currency called the Euro Guilder and its capital was going to be based in Berlin.

However after the war the plan had to be put on hold, Berlin was certainly not a suitable site for the new capital, as animosity was not unnaturally running quite high against Germany. The idea however did not go away; as tensions lessoned the plan was resurrected by ex-Nazis and their henchmen from countries that had been in German occupied Europe.

The architects of the new vision of Europe realised that they would have to tread carefully, and that the plan was going to be a long term operation and not a quick fix. One of the founder members of the new Plan, a certain Jean Monet said in one of his speeches: The nations of Europe should be guided towards a Super State without the people understanding what is happening. This can be achieved by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to a federation.

The first stage of the operation was the formation of the European Steel and Coal Community, which consisted of France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands. Luxemburg and West Germany. This then morphed into the European Economic Community; AKA the Common market. Our first attempts to join the ‘common Market’’ were rejected by De Gaulle, but in 1973 we eventually succeeded in gaining entry. Britain’s Prime Minister at the time, Ted Heath had pamphlets sent to every home in the United Kingdom, reassuring a sceptical public that this was only a trade deal and that there would be no loss of sovereignty. But it was a lie, and he knew it. So by lies and deceit we were conned into joining the ‘Common Market.’ It was the Trojan horse by which we were seduced into the fledgling European Union. Ever since then successive Prime Ministers have signed away more and more of our sovereignty, all aware that the real purpose was to shoe horn us into a United States of Europe.

It is now time for us to say, enough is enough. We have been treated like fools, we trusted our politicians to do the right thing; they betrayed us. In this Referendum, we need to tell them loud and clear: we want out! 

                          How Does the  EU Work?

Whilst out campaigning during election times and talking to general members of the public, it became increasingly obvious that the average man in the street is totally ignorant of the workings of the EU. This is understandable as the mainstream newspapers never explain to the public of the serious short comings of the EU. They assume that, because it has a parliament, that they have participated in electing a MEP, that the system is the same as ours. Nothing could be further from the truth!

EU & Governance is modelled on the old Soviet Union system, which prompted ex-president Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union, to wonder why, after the West took so much time and trouble to influence the downfall of the Soviet system, would they want to recreate the same system in the European Union?  The parallels are easy to see as defined below

Soviet Union   =   European Union

Ruling Elite      =   Council of Ministers

Politbureau        =   European Commission

Supreme Soviet  =   European Parliament

The worst aspect of all this is that, although we elect MEPs to the EU Parliament, it makes no difference which party wins the majority of seats; it is not they who form the government. The government is the European Commission; the members of which are unelected by the people of Europe. The members of the Commission are self-selecting and self-regulating and the input is from Lobbyists who have a MASSIVE presence in Brussels. They cannot be removed by the citizens of Europe, even if they prove to be totally incompetent! So much for democracy!

It gets even worse than this. Recently what passes for an election was held to elect a new president for the EU Commission. The election was held in secret, the winner Mr Juncker won the Presidency for the EU Commission.  Mr Schultz was elected  as the President of the EU Parliament. However Mr Shultz needed to have a deputy, so another election was held. This election was not held in secret. But the whole affair was a fraud. This election had only one candidate, Mr lowan Pasco Then the MEPs found out that they could either vote YES or abstain nobody, was allowed to vote NO. Any MEP who tried to press the no button on his voting pad, found that the no button had been disconnected! Thus, Mr Pasco duly became the Vice President of the EU Parliament. It must be the first time in history that you can have an election with only one candidate!

This is how the EU works, it will brook no dissent. In a recent referendum, the Greek people voted by a large majority, to accept no deal that meant more austerity. The result was ignored by the EU leaders, the Greek President was bludgeoned into submission and an even worse deal than the original one, was imposed upon them.

 We need to leave now, shortly it will be too late. In the future we may be forced to accept the Euro currency. It is a well-known fact, that they who control the currency, control the nation. As the currency is controlled by the German Bundes bank, it is Germany who will call the shots. They will make it very difficult for us to leave the EU by manipulating financial hurdles.

Our politicians, over the course of many years, through various treaties; such as treaties of Rome, Maastricht, Lisbon; have been busy signing away our sovereignty. We need to make it quite clear, that we want our sovereignty and country back.


Thanks to UKIP we are headed for a bright Future as a World Trader again