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Welcome to UKIP Bishop Auckland

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Welcome to the UKIP Bishop Auckland Website where we will endeavour to keep you informed of all our activities and events beyond the excellent performance of our candidate in the May 2015 elections.

UKIP are a party of the people and are looking to bring control of the major factors affecting everyones everyday life back to the people and we hope to show that there is much much more to UKIP than our charismatic leader Nigel Farage. Remember that an attack on UKIP is an attack on the hard working people of this land, who appreciate that our policies are aimed at creating a fairer society where people are put back in control of their own destinies and not beholden to faceless beaurocrats in Europe.

So join us, rise up and vote in the forthcoming Referendum on Europe by saying NO to an organisation that we have been drawn into without our knowledge and consent. Let us govern our own country again, put the GREAT back into Great Britain and reunite the United Kingdom.

The fight is between on the one hand, huge Multinationals striving to continue with creating low pay economies whilst avoiding tax contributions and shepherding the flock via their grip on the media into ever poorer pastures and on the other hand, intelligent, visionary individuals striving to lead people to pastures new.

There are global fundamentals that should influence all our life choices and the first one is that the Earth is a finite resource. Mankind is determined to use up this finite resource at the fastest possible rate, driven by short term individual greed. Population explosion is the last thing needed in our finite globe but it is the fundamental need of the Multinationals who must have perpetual growth in sales of their products. Growth in sales equates to growth in the number of Customers buying products which means population growth. If the population of a particular market is not growing sufficiently fast then invite populations from other areas of the world in, particularly if those populations generate large families. What's more a cynical calculation of the Party opening the flood gates and inviting people from other lands was that in five years from being invited the people would apply to become a UK Citizen and be able to vote (now who would they be likely to vote for to perpetuate more people from their native lands), Exactly !

Continual population growth fuels the super rich, decline means that there are more resources for all of us and less pressure will be placed on this planet with it's huge diversity of life which is becoming ever more fragile.


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