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 We must make access to Dump it Sites more User Friendly to minimise Fly Tipping
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 Traffic Blockage at Tindale Lights due to Right Turners into Retail Park needs sorting
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 Road Works standing with no workers causing loss of time and expense to all road users. Needs contracts with agreed completion time & penalties for over running the agreed time
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 Fed up with "tin pot" power mongers who sit on these groups costing local tax payers significant money & do nothing but bicker and promote pet vanity projects. When someone raises a genuine community concern, they do nothing about it because they are too busy playing politics. Scrap the lot of them and give the money to the NHS.
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 I believe that prisons should not be Universities of Crime  or Islamic Indoctrination places but instead places to quietly reflect on misdeeds and contemplate a crime free future. The ONLY way to achieve this I believe is to have ALL prisoners in solitary confinement, no discrimination and with NO perks other than a radio and books for good behaviour. This will simultaneously solve all the current problems in prison such as drugs, violence, indoctrination, control costs, crime technique sharing etc. All the superb gyms, canteens and recreational areas to be converted to single cells. One to one counselling/training to be provided in final 3 months of sentence to reaclimatise them to a life outside. Shorten sentences but have ZERO tariff reduction, prison to become time out of society not a switch to an alternative one.
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Current DCC Salaries are Chief Exec £200k: Corp Dir Resources £141k: Corp Dir Child & Adult Services £159k: Corp Dir Neighbourhood Services £159k: Corp Dir Regen & Economy £159k: Assistant Chief Exec £137k: Monitoring Officer £125k and the list goes on. Completely out of Balance cf MPs Salary £75k. When cuts have to be made, this is where we must start.
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 JACK Toft Hill By Pass  Clipping my wing mirror in Toft Hill this morning on the way to work reminded me how busy and congested the A68 through Toft Hill is. This is made even more dangerous when you consider that there is a Primary School and Doctors Surgery along the stretch too. I have heard that plans were once drawn up to bypass Toft Hill decades ago which sounds like a fantastic idea, making Toft Hill safe and making the long journey to Scotland up the A68 a little quicker and safer for all. IF and WHEN is this going to happen
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