Lockdown lament

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The nation is becoming increasingly angry at the performance of the three actors performing at the weekly Covid updates from their lecterns, Boris Whitty and Valance are looking increasingly out of touch as they desperately cling on to the power they have enjoyed on the back of lockdown.

They pronounce "data not dates" but have been caught out by plummeting figures that they are desperately trying to inflate by pleading with people to "come forward for test" to help defeat Covid [knowing that with the false positive rates produced (what they term asymptomatic transmission) this will increase the "cases" to be reported]

Mainstream media ignored anti lockdown mass protests across Europe with Germany being particularly strident with crowds collecting in tens of thousands and today (24th March 2021) Merkel has relented and opened up the country again for Easter. So far our Government has been able to rely on the BBC reporting that there were a "few hundred" at last Saturday's Lockdown Protest in London, when in truth there were tens of thousands but as time progresses and truth is revealed organically leading to more and more nails in the BBC coffin our Government will be forced to give the nation it's freedom back. May elections get ever closer and both major parties will be hit hard over their current stance but they are so blinded by their tiny Westminster bubble that they cannot see it coming.