Bishop Auckland branch honoured by UKIP

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News came earlier this week that Alan Breeze, UKIP Bishop Auckland branch secretary, has been appointed as one of the three candidates to fight the EU elections in the North East.

This means that Alan will be extremely busy over the next few weeks, having developed websites for our North of Tyne Mayoral Candidate, UKIP North East which need further work, leafleting for his candidacy for Shildon and Dene Valley in a Durham County Council By Election and now campaigning for UKIP to take up dissenting voices within the EU.

The probability is that Labour will sell out their Northern Leave voters, with the promise of a Customs Union and a confirmatory vote between Theresa May, version of Remain and Remain, which will mean the EU elections will be cancelled at the 11th hour.

In any case as third in the list for UKIP, Alan has very little chance of travelling to Brussels as an MEP but it is expected that UKIP will poll very well in the North East, rejecting the Brexit voice of the elite represented by Nigel Farage.